We can send you finished translations per post and/or email (in PDF format).

If the order price is more than 50,00 EUR, we send documents by standard letter within Germany at our cost.

Registered letters and DHL in Germany and all over the world are paid seperately.

Discounts are possible for our regular clients and big orders.

Are you not from Düsseldorf and even not from Germany?

– It is not a problem as you can send us your documents via::

Email: natalja.rozkova@gmail.com

Post:  Natalja Rozkova, Undinenstr. 29, 40591 Düsseldorf

Please, note that you can personally give/take the documents at our office only by prior arrangement.

We guarantee fast order processing, high quality of our services, professional competence and reasonable prices.

More information about our prices and time limits you can get per telephone or email.

We will be glad to make a non-binding offer for you for translation services if you send per email on natalja.rozkova@gmail.com documents or texts for translation specifying time limits and your contact details. It will be absolutely free for you!